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Gliize is the new electric scooter from Brussels. It accompanies you on your daily commute or to explore the streets of the European capital. 

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More green in Brussels

In addition to being economical and close to the center, the electric scooter is now one of the most ecological modes of urban travel.

Quick and easy to use, you just have to unlock the scooter closest to you for your trips and you will contribute to a greener, less polluted and less congested city. Save time while reducing your carbon emissions by avoiding the car!

Our electric scooters have a great autonomy, which does not limit them to small trips. You can move freely in the capital and park them on the sidewalk in authorized areas!

Autonomous and low energy consumption, our scooters are economical and can reach up to 20km/h

Gliize scooters are available every day and at any time. We work with Brussels-based companies that take care of the maintenance and recharging of our scooters so that they are charged and ready to use!

About Gliize

We are a company founded and developed in Brussels with the mission to contribute to the fluidity of traffic in the capital while making it more pleasant and less polluted.

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