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Why use an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in cities and Brussels is no exception. Indeed, these alternative means of transportation have many advantages for the city and its inhabitants.
Among the many advantages, there is of course their ecological aspect: electric scooters do not emit greenhouse gases, unlike cars. By using an electric scooter for your travels, you contribute to reduce air pollution in the city.

Moreover, they also reduce noise pollution in the city: electric scooters are much quieter than cars, which can be beneficial for the quality of life of the inhabitants of Brussels.

They also take up less public space: electric scooters take up less space than cars and can therefore help reduce congestion on the streets of Brussels.

It is important to note that electric scooters must be used responsibly and in accordance with traffic regulations. This will maximize the benefits of these alternative forms of transportation for the city and its residents.

Electric scooters therefore have a positive impact on the city of Brussels by reducing air pollution, being less noisy and taking up less space in the public space. If you are looking for an ecological alternative to public transport and the car, do not hesitate to try the Gliize electric scooter!

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