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Electric scooters are booming

Electric scooters first appeared on the market several years ago and have been growing in popularity ever since. They have become a popular alternative means of transportation, especially in cities and for short trips.
Since the early 2010s, electric scooters have become commonplace, thanks to improved technology and lower production costs.
Since then, electric scooters have become a popular alternative means of transportation in many cities around the world. They are particularly popular for their ease of use, compactness and low environmental impact.
In addition, the popularity of electric scooters has been boosted by the advent of self-service scooter services such as Gliize, which allow users to rent a scooter by the minute and park in one of the many authorized zones in the capital.
Today, electric scooters are a fixture in many cities and continue to grow in popularity. They offer a practical and ecological solution for urban travel and are increasingly used by individuals and professionals.
Gliize is a brand of shared electric scooters that offers a practical and ecological mobility solution for getting around Brussels. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Gliize scooters are a great way to get around Brussels quickly and enjoyably. Don't hesitate to try Gliize on your next trip to Brussels and discover the many advantages of electric scooters. Experience the freedom and flexibility that Gliize scooters offer for your travels in the Belgian capital!

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