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Discover Gliize, the electric scooter from Brussels

Gliize is a Belgian brand of electric scooters that aims to improve mobility in Brussels while preserving the environment.
Indeed, electric scooters are a simple and ecological means of transportation that allows you to move without polluting the air. They are particularly suitable for short trips in urban areas.
Although they have a motor, our scooters run entirely on electricity and not on fossil fuels. Moreover, it is easy to find self-service scooters everywhere in the city, thus avoiding traditional transport and all the inconveniences related to traffic jams and technical problems.

Choosing an electric scooter not only saves you time spent in a car in traffic or looking for a place to sit, but it is also much more economical for short daily trips.
An electric scooter allows you to take shortcuts, change your route, drive through small streets and leave whenever you want. You no longer need to organize your day according to transportation schedules.
So if you are looking for an ecological and practical alternative to public transportation and the car, don't hesitate to discover our range of Gliize electric scooters!

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