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Our mission

Gliize, the first electric scooter in Brussels 

Reinventing mobility in Brussels

For several years now, electric scooters have been developing throughout the world's major cities. Economical, practical and good for the environment, they contribute to making urban mobility better. Gliize is a 100% Brussels company and our perfect knowledge of the city allows us to understand the needs of our users.

Switch to 'Eco Mode

Fully electric and equipped with a battery with a long autonomy and low energy consumption, our scooter helps fight against pollution and carbon emissions.

Objective Zero Carbon

Our priority is to offer an ergonomic, user-friendly and CO2-free mode of transportation.

By reducing pollution and traffic congestion in the city center, using Gliize allows you to contribute to a more pleasant and healthier city.

Our scooters are designed to last over time thanks to strong and resistant materials, and their battery has a long autonomy.

Gliize values

We want to contribute to a more sustainable and safe mobility in the city. By reducing car use in the city and traffic jams, you not only reduce pollution but also contribute to a more pleasant and calmer city.

Join us

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