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Gliize, the first electric scooter in Brussels 

Shall we ride together?

Let's reinvent mobility in Brussels with a shared, economical and ecological mode of transport. Ride with peace of mind with our electric scooters, perfectly adapted to all your urban trips! Our scooters are easy to use, ergonomic and close to the center of Brussels. It is your ideal ally to avoid traffic jams on a daily basis while saving time!

How to use Gliize?

01/ Download the app

Our app is available for free on the AppStore and GooglePlay. Download it now, create your account with your phone number, enter your information and payment methods and you are ready to book your first ride! Our app is intuitive and easy to use and you can contact the technical support at any time. 

02/ Find a scooter

Our scooters can be placed anywhere in the capital. So you always have a scooter nearby! Just open the application, activate your geolocation and we will automatically suggest the scooters closest to you.

03/ Unlock and roll

The map allows you to find the exact location of your scooter. When you're near it, just scan the QR code to unlock it and you're ready for your ride! Be sure to wear a helmet, obey traffic laws and park responsibly after use to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

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Together, let's make Brussels greener.

Just download the mobile application, create your account and you're ready for your first ride!